Custom Composition & Music Production

Audio Editing & Sound Design

Mixing & Mastering

About Us

Primordial Sound Archives LLC is an African-American female-owned and operated music production company and record label dedicated to producing unique and high-quality sound. Chief producer, engineer, and founder Treneti pulls inspiration from the rhythms and melodies found in nature and the cosmos. This connectivity to the spirit of the Creation greatly informs her practices in audio production and composition. Ushering in the age of regenerative arts, PSA believes in creating a holistic environment that promotes deep listening in the client intake process and regular communication during the production process to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the final product they receive. 

We Specialize in:

Custom Composition for Film/video, dance choreography & theater

Music Production for vocalists includes instrumental track creation, vocal tracking, and final mixing and mastering.

Audio Editing & Sound Design for film, podcasts, and web series

Mixing and Mastering for music artists


Educational Services

"My mission is to be a bridge of education and empowerment for other passionate Beings to step into home music production with holistic and gentle guidance that is effective for intuitively intelligent minds. I seek only to make your journey faster and easier than mine." Treneti

Momentum Music Production Mentorship is a one-on-one educational service facilitated by Treneti. In this container you will receive:

  • Official Educational Discount on all Albeton Products
  • Bi-weekly Virtual Learning Sessions to develop skills within all the aspects of Music Production : 

    • Songwriting 

    • Authentic vocalization (if you use your voice)

    • Home Studio Set up and digital audio workstation training

    • Independent Music Business

  • Guidance on proper recording and mixing techniques 

  • Access to our trusted mastering engineer and remote and in-person studio connection

*Students under the age of 18 may apply with parental consent*


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